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                    2. The Five Internal Organ Spirits Series: The energy of the 28 stars and the five planets in the universe illuminate

               the five internal organs of humans. The transparent five-colored light symbolizes that the five internal organs have
               turned yang. After that the light of original nature will be crystallized.
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                    3. The Golden Elixir Series: The yin and yang integrated together is called elixir, and the immortality is called

               golden. The golden elixir is the primal heart, the primal spirit, the original ancestral Qi, the Yuan Qi (the original
               energy) of Tao, as well as the primal energy of human original nature. This is the only root from which the Tao is

               revealed. Grasp the root and stand on the root, all miracles will happen naturally.

                    4. The Mysterious Pass Series: The Yuan Qi of Tao is the primal Qi of kidney. As the perineum and Baihui are

               open, the human embryos in the womb can directly absorb the light of Tao, and grow into a complex perfect human

               body from a cell. After 6 years of age, the humans will gradually lose the ability to absorb the light of Tao directly. The
               one whose mysterious pass is opened will return to the state of embryos in womb, where the perineum and Baihui are

               opened again so as to be nurtured by the light of Tao directly.

                    5. Yuan Shen Series: Yuan Shen refers to the original nature, primal heart, primal spirit and the original ancestral
               Qi. It controls the natural and perfect operation of the human body. If a person can return to the plain, simple, clean

               and natural primal heart, withdraw the conscious spirit and reveal the primal spirit, he/she will be immersed in the light

               of Tao and the primal Qi of Oneness, which is the biggest insurance of life.

                    6. Yu Shen Series: Yu Shen refers to a state when each cell of the human body has been turned into light,

               including the flesh, bones, skin and blood. An inner elixir will be formed, which is crystallization of the essence of the
               physical body. The body beyond body will be achieved as well.

                    7. Sheng Shen Series: The narrow ego grows up to be a great self. After accumulation of merits, in the state of

               selflessness and inaction, the holy light enters the core of original nature. The spirit is in harmony with the Tao, and
               the body is in harmony with the Tao as well. Sheng Shen can not only regulate the environment, but also control the

               environment by the field of energy.

                    8. True Self Series: True self is the appearance of the learned Master revealed in the light of spirit. It is not

               the real person of the Master, but the image of the Master revealed in the light of your original nature with obvious

               reflection of yourself.
                    9. Master Series: Master: The Tao of golden elixir, which is imparted in both hidden and apparent way, benefits

               nine generations of ancestors. The seed of golden elixir is planted by the Master, the light source is sent by the

               Master, and the firing process is controlled by the Master. Any achiever of the great golden elixir is inseparable from
               the Master's cultivation.

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